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Watan Electric Company for Electrical Industries is a leading company in the field of producing cable trays and low-voltage panels of all kinds (distribution panels - control panels - cable trays - cable trunks - cable loaders). It is committed to providing excellent service to its customers by benefiting from its expertise, as it was founded in the year 1995. It specializes in manufacturing and supplying electrical materials and cable management systems. The company also owns several factories and commercial branches in 10th of Ramadan and Cairo. Watan Electric guarantees the quality and reliability of its products to the highest standards.

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Watan Electric has been operating in the Egyptian market in the field of panels since 2010 and in the field of electrical tools since 1995. We have an integrated work team trained at the highest level (our motto is customer satisfaction). Watan Electric Company for Electrical Industries specializes in the field of empty low-pressure panels and their components.
  • Experience of more than 27 years in the field of low pressure panels and so on

  • We have an integrated work team trained to the highest level

  • We also provide services to third parties: cutting, tinting, welding and painting

  • The best materials and the best prices in the local market

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